24 April, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favourite Characters

This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week I've listed my Top Ten All-Time Favourite Characters! In some ways, creating this list was so easy, but also so hard! I didn't want to leave anyone off. Ten is such a small number! Okay, well here they are:

  1. Ronald Bilius Weasley (Harry Potter series)- My favourite character from my all-time favourite series! Ron is the funniest supporting character. He's loyal and brave, too! Who wouldn't like that?
  2. Tris (Divergent Series)- Tris is my favourite female lead. She's such a strong character but knows how to be vulnerable. Let it be known that I can't wait for Insurgent!
  3. Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter series)- Yeah yeah, another HP character! I can't help it! I love Hagrid. I even have my fuzzy plushie of him.
  4. Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games)- Peeta is such a loveable and commendable character! His feelings for Katniss are so sweet and believable. 
  5. Wanderer/Wanda (The Host)- I love how interesting an alien can be and that's just what Wanda is!
  6. Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)- There's no one more epic than Aragorn. He's swoon-worthy and virtually fearless!
  7. Meg Murry (Wrinkle in Time)- I've always related to Meg and her social awkwardness. Her character was a great comfort to myself when I was much younger. 
  8. Perry (Under the Never Sky)- Very few times have I read a story with alternating views into the eyes of the love interest and actually been enthralled. I love Perry!
  9. Fire (From Seven Kingdoms)- I don't think I've ever read a character quite like her. She's pretty darn complex being vulnerable and resolute at the same time. Plus, she's a monster.
  10. Tally Youngblood (The Uglies)- When I was reading this series, the entire time I thought that we'd make good friends. She's as normal as someone in her situation could be, but she has an adventurous side. 
Which characters are your top ten? 


  1. How is yours the first list I've seen Hagrid on? How can you not love Hagrid? I really could have made a list of all Harry Potter characters and Jane Eyre, but then I'd be leaving out those others I love so much!

  2. Such a great list. I can't believe I didn't have room for any Harry Potter characters on mine. Severus Snape is pretty much the perfect character. Instead of just putting Aragorn, I put the entire fellowship on my list. :) Here it is: http://www.babiesbooksandsigns.com/2012/04/top-ten-favorite-characters-of-all-time.html

  3. Well, Tris definitely made my list too! But how could I forget about Tally?! Fun list, Happy Tuesday!


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