12 May, 2012

May Update

This blog has seen quite a bit of change since May began. The new look I gave it a couple weeks ago has been slowly worked on and I've changed up one of my weekly memes. I plan on shuffling around my weekly memes some more in the weeks to come. I feel like I've gotten myself into too many and I'll whittle it down to just a handful. I still want my main content to be the book reviews themselves. My goal for this blog is to post 2-3 book reviews per week.

In other news, this blog has a Facebook page! Please go and 'like' it! I want to do more things with it in the future, but for now follow me on Twitter for the best updates. Also, feel free to grab my new button which I added to my blog this afternoon. Once I reach 100 followers, I have plans to set in motion a pretty awesome giveaway, so spread the word!


I love receiving comments! I really do read every single one and I strive to respond to each comment that needs a response (and many more!).