My Rating System

The books that I give 5 stars are books that I want to permanently line my shelves and read again and again. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. If it's a series, I'll buy the next book the day it's released.

4 star books are those that I enjoyed immensely. I'd read this book again in a heartbeat! If this book is part of a series I'll read every single one.

3 star books were good. Perhaps there were some aspects that I didn't enjoy, but I found some redeeming qualities. It's up in the air whether or not I'll continue the series if the book is part of one.

The books I give 2 stars to were okay. They weren't enjoyable at times and I may have had a hard time finishing it. I won't be reading other books in the series.

You probably won't see 1 star reviews on this blog, as these are books I could not finish because they were simply awful in my opinion. I won't post a review of a book I did not finish and I won't bash an author.


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